Cydney Parkes


Cydney Parkes

Cydney gets her name from her young habits as a little girl of always correcting people on how to spell her name: “Cydney with a C”. It started to become her one-liner when introducing herself. So here she is again introducing herself to the world, but in a different way. Cydney with a SEE is not only introducing herself, who she is and what she believes in, she is introducing her vision for art.

Cydney was born in Canada, but raised in Chattanooga, TN where she now calls home. Studying advertising design at SCAD she fell in love with concept and storytelling. She loves being able to express a big idea through the smallest details, color theory, texture, and symbolism. Visually inspiring people is one of Cydney’s best attributes. When she is passionate about something, she dives in head first and wants to be emerged in it, studying every detail to really know what makes humans drawn to it. Now she is taking on the art world. Called to create, Cydney wants to share her vision and passion with you. She hopes to inspire others to truly SEE themselves for who they truly are. As she says...

“When you allow yourself to be SEEn, you allow freedom for others to SEE them selves. Your truest self, your vulnerability, your mess and your progress. SEEing is the blueprint of art. SEEing opens our eyes, heart, soul and mind to let go, to be curious and to SEE beauty in all things.”

SEE her latest works and shows on her website and stay tuned for upcoming events on her social media pages, @Cydneysee

Beauty of Love, Mixed Media on Board, 5" x 5", Price on requestDeep SEE, Mixed Media on Board, 8" x 8", Price on requestDesert Dance, Mixed Media on Original Blueprint, 40" x 30", Price on requestDrops of Silver, Mixed Media on Board, 5" x 5", Price on requestFinger Print, Mixed Media on Original Blueprint, 40" x 30", Price on requestHold Me, Mixed Media on Original Blueprint, 40" x 30", Price on requestHunter Museum, Mixed Media on Original Blueprint, 42" x 30", Price on requestMon Amant: My Lover, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36" x 36", Price on requestMystery, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48" x 60", Price on requestOnce More, Mixed Media on Board, 6" x 6", Price on request

To express interest, please write us at [email protected] or give us a ring at 423.265.0015 and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

All of our art requires special packing and handling. We'll be happy to give you a shipping quote based on size, weight, and destination.