Denton Ridge


Denton Ridge

A native of Chattanooga, Denton Ridge attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is an associate member of the Tennessee Watercolor Society, the American Watercolor Society, and the Association of Visual Arts of Chattanooga. He has worked with watermedia for most over twenty years, experimenting with both dry and wet brush techniques. He uses the drybrush technique for more detailed work as there is little water used, giving the artist more control over his strokes. He employs a wet brush approach for a more fluid feel to his colors, which also creates a certain transparency. Ridge loves traditional and natural subjects; consequently he applies a great deal of earth tones in order to recreate the rugged shores, rocks, and vast terrain's of Maine and the southern costal life. In his paintings he endeavors to reflect the simplicity of the sea, its shore, and the peaceful serenity which surrounds it. Currently he has become interested in the Shaker communities of Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. He greatly admires the symmetry of the Shaker buildings and the grace of the surrounding landscapes. The interior of these buildings, the reflection of light and the Shaker built furniture, lend themselves easily to Ridge's style of painting. He finds them to be an unending source of inspiration.

Braided Hair, Watercolor on Paper, 27" x 19", Price on requestCantilever, Watercolor on Paper, 19" x 26", Price on request

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