Ana Katarina

4 Elements Water Reversible Ring-Pendant
18k Yellow Gold, Brazilian Agate Cameo, 1.01ct Diamonds, and Blue Enamel
The Water Flip Ring is my favorite of the 4 Element Flip rings as it is complex in materials, as is the duality of water. Water nourishes us as well as being an untamable destructive force. This dichotomy is compelling. The water ring cameo carving was inspired by the Great Wave off Kanagawa by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai, created in late 1831. It floats on the calm blue enamel and sun-sparkled diamond waves.

The Fire Flip Ring can be worn with the cameo or the starfish facing up. When you pair the ring with our 4 Elements Chain and charm holder, the flip ring becomes a pendant! On either side of the ring, there is an inverted diamond.