Ana Katarina

4 Elements Fire Ring, 2023
18k Yellow Gold, .05ct Fire Opal, 2.994ct Turquoise, and .128ct Diamonds
The Fire Ring was inspired by traditional Japanese iconography, a symbol of material and spiritual prosperity, a sign of renewed life—the fire opal in the sun's center with diamond rays of light against a turquoise sky. The fire opal and the turquoise blue vibrate against each other as they are opposites on the color wheel. There is a gold sun on the back of the ring.

The Auverdic Fire Element, Agni, is my second favorite element. It's natural fire, life-giving energy, which allows us to digest a moment and burn away all that does not serve us. I deeply connect to this practice. In astrology, fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

P.S. The turquoise was sustainably mined in Kazakhstani and cut in NYC.