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8.07ct Emerald Cut Lab Grown Cartier-style Platinum Engagement Ring - GIA Lab Report E VS1, 2023
Lab Grown Diamond, Platinum
A show stopping ring that would make Elizabeth Taylor proud! This 8.07ct Emerald cut Lab Grown Diamond has rendered us speechless here at HeirloomLabs. Naturally classy and sophisticated in appearance, the scintillation pattern of an emerald cut diamond differs from those found in brilliant cutting styles like the rounds or ovals. Instead of having tiny sparkles of light emitting from the facets, an emerald cut diamond flashes “on” and “off” due to the nature of the step cut. Combined with its timeless appearance, the unique sparkle factor of emerald cut diamonds is a compelling reason so many celebrities love them. This ring features an 8.07ct Emerald cut Lab Grown Diamond, E color VS1 Clarity, measuring 13.95 x 9.91 x 6.20mm. This spectacular Lab Grown Diamond is superbly cut, details are explained on the lab report. GIA LAB REPORT# 5222925863. No Fluorescence. My lab grown diamonds are Earth friendly, sustainably grown and precision faceted by hand. Pass this gorgeous ring down to the next generation, as its beauty will stand the test of time. This extraordinary ring is crafted in Platinum, standard size is 7, but it can be made to order in your requested finger size.